I guess this is where I add a little bit about myself eh?

  My Real name is Michael Fullerton (as you will know if you read the little copyright line above each Dream Comic.

AGE: 22 (Yeah, I'm OLD now...)

SEX: Male, obviously

LOCATION: Queensland Australia

OCCUPATION: Full time Radiographer (X-ray, CT, Etc Tech) Part time Artist/web-designer.

HOBBIES: Drawing, Reading, MMORPGs (Specifically WoW and CoV) I'm also interested in getting back into a couple of hobbies I haven't done much with lately... stuff like Warhammer 40,000 and the modelling involved therein...

MARITAL STATUS: Currently and hopefully permanently attached... My gorgeous boyfriend and I have been together more than a year now and we're blissfully in love.

I'm the "Artist" behind the briefly popular but currently Hiatussed Dream comic... some time soon I shall really have to start working out a way to get that comic back into production and still maintain my hefty work schedule, some art on the side, play my MMORPGs, and still spend every weekend with my Boyfriend... My life really is too busy some times.


  This Page is designed to be a home for all of the art I keep online, although in later years it may grow
    to become much more than that. I'm already thinking of moving the entire Dream website to this domain. I shall continue to add new features and new art. All site updates will be recorded in the Blog and cross-posted on my Livejournal. I hope you enjoy looking around and find the site generally enjoyable.